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Introduction to Visual Basic Programming

Duration: 8 days(24 Hours) 

Suggested Next Course: Advanced Visual Basic Programming

DAY 1:

  • Overview
     Capabilities of Visual Basic
     Visual Basic Overview
     Types of Visual Basic Projects
     Rapid Application Development
     Visual Basic Editions
     Managing the Workspace


  • Visual Basic Project Development Cycle
     The Visual Basic Project Lifecycle
     Creating Projects
     Project Files
     Source Management
     Test Running a Project
     Compiling &  Deploying Applications
     Three Layer Applications

DAY 2:

  • Using VB Reference Resources

     Integrated Documentation
     Microsoft Developer Network
    Using Visual Basic Objects
     Form Design Window
     Code Window
     Form Properties and Methods
     Controls and  Control Types


  • Developing Data Entry Dialogs

     Data Entry Dialogs
     Validating Entries
     Command Dialogs
     Standard Windows Dialogs
     Creating a New Dialog
     Form Control Syntax

DAY 3:

  • Laying out Dialog

     Laying Out a Dialog Interface
     Control Layout
     Working with Frames
     Setting Tab Order
     Layout Tools and Techniques
     Validation Controls


  • Developing Code Modules

     Fundamentals of Coding
     Code Editor
     Module Basics
     Event Procedures
     Statements and comments

DAY 4:

  • Data Types and Variable Declarations

     Scope in Visual Basic Programs
     Setting Scope Blocks
     Data Types


  • Data Manipulation

     Arithmetic Expressions
     Logical and Boolean Expressions
     Data Type Conversion
     Array Manipulation
     Working with Strings
     Dates, Currency and Variants

DAY 5:

  • Logic and Iteration

     Logic Statements
     Constructs (If/Then, Select Case)
     Iteration (Do Loop, For Loop)
     Background Processing
     Exit, Stop and End


  • Writing Subroutines

     Application Structure
     Subroutines and  Procedures
     Functions and Modules
     Passing  Arguments ByRef vs. ByVal 
     Designing for Maintainability

DAY 6:

  • Debugging and Error Handling

     Types of Errors
     Error Handling
     Creating Error Handlers
     Debugging Tools


  • Validating User Input

     Writing Validation Routines
     Invoking Validation
     Controlling Flow
     The Validate Event

DAY 7:

  • Application Types  and Interfaces

     SDI Applications
     MDI Applications
     Displaying Child Windows
     Status Bars
     Mouse Events
     Drag and Drop Interfaces
     Control Arrays


  • I/O and Persistence

     Visual Basic File Access
     File I/O Commands
     File Common Dialogs
     File System Objects
     Storing and Reading from Registry

DAY 8:

  • Database Client Applications

     Database Concepts
     The ADO Data Control
     The DataGrid Control
     DBList and DBCombo Controls
     Data View Window
     Data Form Wizard
  • Deploying Applications

     Help Files
     Integrating a Help File
     The Packaging and Deployment Wizard
     Creating Deployment Packages



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