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Advanced Visual Basic Programming

Duration: 8 days (24 Hours) 

Prerequisites: Visual Basic programming experience.

DAY 1:

  • Windows API Programming

     The Win32 API
     Win32's C Data Structures
     API Text Viewer
     Declare Statements
     Calling Win32 Functions 
  • COM Components and Clients

     Understanding COM and ActiveX
     Creating a COM Component
     Registering a COM Component
     Using the OLE/COM Object Viewer Tool
     Creating a COM Client
     Interacting with a COM Server using Late Binding and Early Binding
     Differences between .DLL and .EXE Components 

DAY 2:

  • Object-Oriented Programming

     Classes and Objects
     Private vs. Public Members
     Classes and Data Members
     Methods and Properties
     Instances using New and Create
     Events and  Interfaces
     Type Hierarchies

DAY 3:

  • Multithreaded COM Servers

     Threading and Limitations in Visual basic
     Thread Per Object and Thread Pool Options 
    Single Use and Multi Use Options in Instances 


  • MTS-Compatible COM Components

    MTS in Three-Tier DNA Systems
     Building MTS Components
     Installing a Component under MTS
     Proxy/Stub .DLLs
     Building MTS Clients
     Deploying MTS Applications 

DAY 4:

  • ActiveX Controls

    The ActiveX Control Standards
     Building an ActiveX Control
     Designing the GUI Interface
     Implementing Methods and Properties
     Interacting with Extended and Ambient Properties
     Implementing Property Pages
     Testing the ActiveX Control
     Deploying Controls 


  • Developing Database Desktop Clients

     RDO and ADO  Implementation
     Registering a Data Source Name (DSN) using the ODBC Administrator
     Connecting to a Database
     Executing Queries
     Interacting through Records
     Working with Transactions
     Controlling Record Locking

DAY 5:


  • Stored Procedure Programming

     The Concepts of  Stored Procedure 
     Calling Stored Procedures
     Sending Parameters
     Retrieving Resultset and Return Values
     Using the Stored Procedure Editor 

DAY 6:

  • Data Reporting

     Reporting Concepts Using Crystal Report
     Crystal Report Designing 
     Crystal Report Properties
     Binding a Report to a Query
     Displaying a Report

DAY 7:


  • Visual Data Manager

     Visual Data Manager
     Creating Databases
     Creating and Modifying Tables
     Defining Relationships
     Creating Schema Diagrams 

DAY 8:


  • IIS Applications

     Introducting IIS, ASP and HTML
     Understanding IIS Objects
     Creating a WebClass
     Defining the HTML Template
     Creating a WebItem
     Associating an Event with an HTML Action
     Deploying IIS Applications 

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