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DurgaTech is a Software Development, Software Training, e-Commerce and Placement company based in Springfield, Virginia, USA. We are software project planners, trainers and developers also working as consultants to other companies in different locations. At present, our main focus is on programming  and training in the US. Our company started in January 2003. We have three major areas of interests: News, Products, & Services. Please click the buttons on the left panel  to see for yourself.

Our Mission

To change the way of training from the traditional one -way communication to two - way communication. Making training a learning process by just not only training but also coaching. By offering low-cost  training avoiding luxurious hotel's training rooms. 

Developing applications for small businesses at the cheapest rate. Providing maintenance support to save small businesses from major cost of redesigning software as technology changes.

Helping others to help themselves.

Company Profile

DurgaTech  is a US based service provider that delivers software training in Visual Basic, Java, HTML, XML, Database Management, Microsoft Office Products, Web Development. We also provide Small Business Solution at the cheapest possible rate. The company also targets key verticals such as the  professional services firms, printing and publishing, retail sales, and placement services.

Contact Information

Please Contact us:

Phone: (703) 636-1844

Postal address
5611 Rolling Road, Springfield, VA - 22151
Electronic mail
General Information: info@durgatech.com
Sales: sales@durgatech.com
Customer Support: support@durgatech.com
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