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MICROSOFT WORD 2000 Training


DAY 1: Getting Started with Word

Working with New and Existing Files

Changing Your Document View

Entering and Editing Text

DAY 2: Changing Paragraph Formatting

Checking and Correcting Text

Using Breaks, Headers, and Footers

Changing Page Formatting

DAY 3: Working with Tables

Working with Graphics

Printing Files

Using Styles and Templates

DAY 4: Inserting References and Indexes

Making Comments and Revisions

Completing a Mail Merge

Using Hyperlinks

Using Word on the Web

DAY 5: Finding Help in Word

Using AutoText and Bookmarks

Footnotes, References & Field Codes

Checking Your Document for Errors

Changing How Your Text Looks

Sending Documents to Others

Customizing Word to Suit Your Needs



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