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Microsoft Excel 2000 Training


DAY 1: Getting Started with Excel

Working the Worksheet

Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Data

Crunching Numbers

Making Your Data Presentable

Sprucing Up the Worksheet

Creating Charts and Graphs

Preparing the Document

Using Excel as a Database

Using the Rest of Excel

Using a Pivot Table


          DAY 2: Pivot Table Basics

Pivot Chart Basics

Italicizing Text

Understanding Cells and Active Cells

Hiding and Un hiding Worksheet Tabs

How to Rename Worksheets in Excel 2000

How to Use the Chart Wizard in Excel 2000

How to Merge Cells and Center Text in Excel 2000

How to Jump to a Cell in Excel 2000

                    Insert Hyperlink

Send Email

Set Margins

Advanced Toolbars

Change Default Font

Fill Color

Rotate Text

Merge Cells


Cell Borders

          DAY 3: Sorting Rows in Excel 2000

Deleting Individual Worksheets

Inserting a Individual Worksheets in a Workbook

Open a Copy of a Workbook

Open a Workbook as Read-Only

Open an Existing Workbook

Open a New Workbook

Using Single and Double Accounting Underlining

Underlining Text

Bolding Text

Cutting and Pasting Cells

Deleting the Contents of a Cell

Entering Data in a Cell

Freezing and Unfreezing Window Panes

Deleting Individual Columns

Deleting Individual Rows

Inserting Individual Rows

          DAY 4: Fill Formats Using Right Mouse Button

Creating Custom Number Formats

Formatting Numbers

Editing Cell Contents

Using the AutoSum Toolbar Button

Changing Page Breaks in Page Break Preview

Splitting a Worksheet's Active Window

Grouping and Ungrouping Worksheets

Moving Worksheets within a Workbook

Resizing Horizontal Scroll Bar

Use Drop Down Menu Options to Adjust Row Heights

Use the Height Toolbar Button or Row Header Bar

Using the Width Toolbar Button and the Column Header Bar

Changing Column Widths Using Drop Down Menu Options

Setting a Standard Column Width

          DAY 5: Highlight Entire Rows, Columns, or Worksheets

Using Drag and Drop to Move Cells

Highlighting a Range of Cells

Using the Currency Style Toolbar Button

Hide and Unhiding Open Workbooks

Change Standard Font for New Workbooks

Show Formulas

Showing or Hiding Scroll Bars

Show or Hide Comments and Indicators

Resizing a Comment Box

Editing a Comment

Inserting and Deleting a Comment


DAY 6:Show or Hide the Formula Bar

Getting Help for Lotus 1-2-3 Users

Naming a Range of Cells

Sorting Cells in Ascending and Descending Order

Using the Format Painter

Setting Print Margins

Printing Gridlines

Printing from Print Preview

Viewing Worksheets in Print Preview

Navigating Views

Manually Recalculating Worksheets

Sharing a Workbook

Protecting and Un protecting a Workbook

Protecting and Un protecting Worksheets

Hiding and Un hiding Row and Column Headers

Turning Status Bar On and Off

Turning Gridlines On and Off

Changing the Color of Gridlines

Changing the Default Number of Worksheets in a New Workbook

Changing Direction the Selection Moves After Pressing Enter

Inserting Individual Columns


DAY 7: How to make a chart change to its sheet

How to make a chart change back on the data sheet

How to make a chart on its own sheet

How to create a scatter chart

How to create a pie chart

How to create a line chart

How to create a column chart

How to create a bar chart

How to create an area chart

How to create a 3D chart

Adding a column to a worksheet

Testing part of a procedure in vba for excel

Configuring the visual basic editor in excel

Copy paste special a value

Navigating within a large number of worksheets

Creating vba code for an event related to the sheet in excel

Paste special (formulas)

Renaming a sheet in excel

Moving a sheet

Deleting a sheet

Deleting a column

Adding a row to your worksheet

Naming a field in excel

Working in two worksheets from the same workbook at the same time

Resizing a named field

Renaming a named field in excel

Conditional formatting

A simple "if" formula



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