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  • DAY 1: What is Oracle?
     Relational data base management system
     Client/Server Architecture
     Oracle Architecture
     Advanced Features
     Oracle and the Internet
     Web site needs/Oracle solutions
     Getting Help
  • DAY 2:  What is SQL*Plus?
     Development environment
     Connect to SQL*Plus
     SQL*Plus commands
     SQL commands
     Editing in SQL*Plus
     SQL*Plus buffer editor
     Editing: A better way
     Running SQL*Plus scripts
  • DAY 3 Relational Databases and SQL
     The relational model
     Data structure
     Data integrity
     Primary keys
     Handling NULL in the Database
     SQL Concepts
     Relational database design
     Entity Relationship model
     The many to many relationship
  •  DAY 4 Tables and Indexes
     Creating tables
     Oracle objects
     Object naming rules
     Creating tables from other tables
     Altering table structure
     Dropping tables
  • Day 5 Crystal Report and SQL*Plus 
     Reporting concepts
     Creating Crystal reports
     Executing SQL commands for Crystal Reports
     Customizing your environment
     Headers and footers
     Column formatting
     Data Access Basics
     Select query
     Select list
     Distinct rows
     Calculated columns
     Column aliases
     Sorting rows

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